About Us

Who is she?

Sue's (Little Suzie as her aunts call her) talent and inspirations are everywhere in these custom designs. Taught by a talented family of innovators and artists, and her own divine inspiration, she brings out the bright side of everything and everyone she works with. A loving grandmother to nine, (but really to everyone) she has created beautiful watercolors and sketches exclusively for you. Her glowing visions of positivity and shine are ever-present in each shimmery, shiny, and glittered piece. In all things there is always a sparkle of happiness, hope, and joy.

Why change now?

Now, she has temporarily turned her efforts towards helping others, and answer the need for her skills in other ways. Sewing day and night, using every scrap of cotton fabric and elastic she had, and continues to buy more every week so she can try to meet the growing demand for her handmade masks. She has put her heart and soul into helping as many people as she can. Making over 500 masks in just a few of weeks, she has supported protecting her family, friends, and those around her. As someone who has sewn her whole life and made herself invaluable to those who know her work, she is known for making sure things are done with care and quality. She has amazing foresight for construction and materials, and knows how to get the best out of everything. She has supported local small businesses, and urges others to do the same. She continues to supply masks to her local community and is passionately vocal about protecting its residents and the future of their special town. 

What happens next?

One day soon, hopefully, she will no longer be needed to use her skills and materials in assisting solutions during this global crisis. At that time she will return to her happy place of visiting grandkids, getting to the lake, and painting new colorful designs that are never quite finished until she can add a little sparkle and shine in some way. Drawing new ideas often from things she sees around her, or simply something one of the kids does or says just being silly. She is often found day dreaming of new ideas; working through in her mind how to create and combine different materials, textures, functions, and of course something sparkly. It feeds her soul to know that someone truly loves her work.