FAQ Resources

Welcome to our Sparkly Central resources for frequently asked questions. Here we have several of our most common questions already answered just for you. Thank you for taking a look and if you don't see the answer you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you all for supporting us and all the love that goes into these handmade masks. We are so thankful we are able to offer our skills to help keep all of you safer. 

❤️You all!!!

1. What kind of fabric is used for these masks?

3 Layers of Soft 100% Cotton Breathable Fabric is used to make our masks. The layers include a decorative pattern or solid colored cotton cover fabric, an inner breathable light cotton layer, and finally an inner soft cotton gauze for comfort - even during long days of wear.

2. Are the masks machine washable?

Yes, they are machine or hand washable on the gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low heat. *Masks include a coated wire. Please use caution when washing and/or drying.

3. What sizes do you offer? 

XL - Adult Men’s - 9”mask 
(15” total w/elastic to the back of the ears)

L - Adult Women’s & Men's - 8” mask 
(14” total w/elastic to the back of the ears)

M - Young Adult / Teen / Tween / @10 years and up - 7” mask
(13” total w/elastic to the back of the ears)

S - Child @6 - 9 years - 6” mask 
(12” w/elastic to the back of the ears)

XS - Child @2* - 5 years - 5” mask 
(10” w/elastic to the back of the ears) 
(*Child MUST be able to remove mask on their own)

4. Do the masks include wire?

Yes, each mask includes one length of medical grade bendable nose wire for a better fit; especially for those who where glasses. *Masks can be made without wire if requested prior to ordering. 

WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT MICROWAVE MASKS WITH WIRE! Masks can be hand or machine washed. If microwave or autoclave sanitation is necessary please contact us before you order or add a note to your order at the time of purchase to request masks be made without a wire. We understand your needs and are happy and able to comply since we make everything to order.

5. How long do large orders take?

Order quantities over 10 require additional production time prior to shipping as our masks are made-to-order. We continuously update our fabric supplies, work as quickly as we can, and do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible. However, if you need a rushed delivery or have specific requests, please contact us prior to ordering for a custom order and more information.

*BULK/BUSINESS ORDERS AVAILABLE! If you're looking to order for your family and friends at the same time or your business teams, quantities higher than 10 require extra time prior to shipping).

6. How long do orders take to ship?

We ship through the shipping provider you selected at checkout. Shipping costs and times may vary from region to region, as well as health and safety regulations and service provider availability allows. 

*RUSH DELIVERY is available for an additional fee. Please contact us prior to ordering for estimates and availability.

7. How do your masks fit?

We have made our masks with securely sewn durable, yet soft elastic ear loops. The loops are designed to offer a secure fit. All loop lengths are the same (except for the XS). This allows for changes in mask size, while loop size is consistently the same. Customized loop lengths are available if we are notified prior to ordering or in a note with the order. 

Size, fit, and comfort level are subjective and a personal preference. We do our best to keep everything as consistent and comfortable as we can, but please remember these are handmade. We are doing our best to provide our best quality and what we ourselves would want. Materials may adjust some with wear and washing.

8. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Due to COVID-19, CDC recommendations, and contact restrictions, we are not able to accepting any returns or exchanges for masks. Once your order has been processed, we cannot issue a refund or cancel the order.

But, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with your order. We will do our best to help.